Advertising Opportunities

Following the success of our 2010 and 2011 festivals, we offer advertising opportunities to local businesses and international organisations who want to support our initiative. Please see below for details and to reserve your ad.

AACDD Website

Advertising formats on our website are as followed. We accept JPG or GIF files in RGB with 72dpi. Online Banner ads have a lifetime of 6 months from the day of placement.

Link Banner

Link Banner

Link Banners are shown on our home, news, get involved and events overview pages of our website.

W 160 x H 80 pixel

Event Banner

Event Banners are shown on event detail pages on our website. You can decide on the event category your ad should be related to.

W 470 x H 80 pixel

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During the 2010 and 2011 festival the AACDD events attracted each year over 20,000 visitors across several dedicated venues in London, from Brixton to Southbank to Hackney. Overall the London Design Festival attracted an estimated 350,000 visitors including design professionals and journalists from 22 countries.


To send your artwork via email or request FTP details please email

Any questions?

For questions regarding your advertising in our 2012 Festival Guide or online please email