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There are many things and persons who inspired me to do what I do. Even though I was born in Prague (Czech Republic), I didn´t spend much time there. I spent my first nine years of life in Brazzaville (Congo). This is where I felt in love with fine art. As a kid I was really inspired by the things all my friends were doing, at that time Japanese animated series Dragon-Ball Z were really popular in Congo. Every kid was in love with it, so was I. My childhood friend Aymard was a really good cartoonist, he would spend most of his time by sketching different stuff. He was really passionate about his art, so it is only right that he was the first person who sparked my interest in fine art. I grew up at my grandmother’s house and art was not really her thing. She did not want me to do anything like that, because she thought it was a waste of time. So I had to hide sometimes when wanted to create something.

At the age of nine I joined my father in Czech Republic. He really liked my work, so he encouraged me a lot. He enrolled me in art school, where I could develop my talent. I went to a secondary school of art and design in Brno (second city of Czech Republic), I studied there the department of scientific illustration, I also studied various graphic techniques.

After graduation I wanted to take my craft to another level, so I decided to study graphic design at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. In college I specialized in combining graphic design with illustration and painting, although I had to study regular stuff that any graphic designer can´t live without (rules of typography, stylization, logo design, corporate identity, poster design, motion design, font rate…).

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