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I was born in Lagos, Nigeria.
Grew up in Surburbia. Taking up a keen interest in art from very young, for reasons I am not so sure about anymore. It just seemed the right thing to do.
I attended  secondary school in Lagos, and went on to study Mathematics at the University.  Computer Animation and Graphic Design with Photoshop was getting to be a viable way to spend the weekends. Curiously, i got quite proficient with the softwares quicker than usual and I realised doing this all day, all weekend, all bank holiday - could be a decent way to make a living.
Shortly after, I started living in the residence quarters in Lagos' second university and
initiated a graphics and animation company with a close friend.
Almost from the get go, we got a lot of work. And it started from there.
I had a friend from my own Alma Mater whom had a good head for Math too, and I brought him in with another childhood friend, who majored in Architecture.
And HMC was born. I was Projects director from 2000 till 2005.
We dabbled in all sorts. Virtual Reality walkthroughs, photorealistic animations of entire cityscapes, character animation, Interactive cds/dvds web design.
In May 2005, I founded TDJS in the University Compound in Lagos.
Same year, I was fortunate, to apply and win the global International Young Design Entrepreneur Prize in London.
Then Best Use of Technology Awards followed in Nigeria consecutively for 2006, 2007 by Nigeria's most prominent Youth Platform.
Till date, it's been a fulfilling experience working in Design, Interactive, Motion and Strategy modules for Corporate and Public Institutions in Nigeria.

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